Arctic Sailing

Its not just the skiing that gets the smiles on faces. With the breeze set in between the fjords guests enjoy a once in a lifetime sail between their daily changing ski locations. Cozying up in the cockpit with a cup of cocoa (with a touch of rum of course) makes your floating chalet even more unique as the scenery around you morphs from one snow capped peak to another. We're at the end of the season already and we can't wait to be back again in Winter 2018! See you there? :)

Sailing arctic.jpg

Northern Lights Hunting

So where is this green phenomenon that everyone is obsessed with? Tromso is a flurry with foreign faces, all hunting for a chance to see the lights. But some cards are best kept close to your chest, the lights from the city make the optical night time show less vivid, and on Firebird we have the ability to find remote nooks in the fjords, unspoilt by artificial lights, where the Northern Lights are even more spectacular. On the first night of our first trip – guests topped off their evening meal with a show right above their heads, away from the tourists.

Northern Lights.jpg


Being met by glistening bright white fjords made the windy winter sail in the North Sea worth it as Firebird arrived in Tromso, the furthest northern city in Europe. The boat having been specially modified to be used as a mobile base for ski tourers meant we were more than ready for minus figures and several feet of snow on the deck and docking in this part of the world in February sometimes means you need to go hunting for posts to tie your lines to! *Picture Ollie*

So why Tromso as the base? Well as well as being Northern Norway’s hub, it also has plenty of amenities for those who want to ski and sail. We use a local rental shop – Tromso outdoor, for reliable equipment for our guests who are unable to travel with their own kit, and for those who do not already have an ice axe, shovel and probe it also comes in handy!

Fortunately for us, the sun finally made an appearance after 3 months of darkness, shortly before our arrival so as well as being able to see the decadent snowy fjords as we arrive, we also get an instant taste of the local food – sonnenbrot, sun bread, a jam filled doughnut to celebrate the return of the sun.